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Engineering Library: Couplers

For examples from our technical library of previously supplied product, please view the following datasheets. For your bespoke requirement, please contact us with the reference of the most appropriate drawing.

Medium Power Directional Coupler, Wide Band 0.5 - 20GHz ENG13-02
Directional Coupler, 16dB Coupling, Ultra Wide Band 1 - 18GHz ENG13-58
Directional Coupler N Type 3.4 - 4.2GHz ENG13-388
Directional Coupler Dual, N Type Female, Low Frequency 80 - 100MHz & 100MHz - 1GHz ENG13-84
Directional Coupler, Low Frequency, Wide Band 150 - 750MHz 10dB ENG13-94
180° Hybrid Coupler SMA Connectors, Optimised 0.40 - 0.45GHz ENG13-100
Dual Directional Coupler, Utlra Wide Band 0.08 - 1.0GHz ENG13-115
Directional Coupler N Female Connector, 100w 1 - 6GHz ENG13-148
Dual Directional Coupler 3 - 6GHz ENG13-282
90° Hybrid Coupler 2 - 8GHz ENG13-371
Wide Band Directional Coupler 6 - 26.6GHz ENG14-018
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