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AtlanTecRF announces a radically new concept in Satcom RF Testing, its Portable, Battery Powered Loop Test Translator

AtlanTecRF, a leading global RF and microwave components and equipment manufacturer, today launched an innovative approach to Satcom RF Testing, a Portable Battery Powered Loop Test Translator.

The LBP series of Portable Battery Powered Loop Test Translators (LTTs) offers a new concept to the world of satellite communications, testing and monitoring.

Built in an easy to carry instrument case AtlanTecRF's new Portable unit can be used in the laboratory, on antenna sites, at remote central cabins, media newsgathering and outside broadcast vans. These LTTs provide continuous test facilities with a 24 hour battery life.

Designed for link users operating in Ka band and Ku band, the six main models provide frequency conversions of either Tx – Rx, Tx – L or L – Rx.

The Portable Battery Powered LTT is taken to site fully charged, connected to the coupled transmit receiver or the L-Band points of the ground station and then controlled in both LO frequency and input attenuation from a convenient, comfortable and possibly remote location with a GUI.

Local control is also possible with frequency and attenuation up/down keys and a clear LCD readout.

Frequency control as standard is in 25MHz steps with a smaller step size down to 1 KHz possible while the choice of attenuation range is 0-30dB or 0-60dB with either 0.25dB or 1.0dB steps.

Frequency stability is delivered from an internal OCXO and there is the option of connecting to a 10MHz system reference if needed.

Each instrument is supplied with an internal battery charger, which can be operated from an 80-240v, 50/60Hz supply.

"Every industry is looking for time saving devices and the satellite communications industry is no exception. With operators under pressure to set up quickly and often in unusual locations its reassuring to know that they can count on AtlanTecRF's fully charged Portable LTT. Being easy to carry and with a 24 hour battery life, it works onsite and wherever it is needed.", commented AtlanTecRF's C.E.O Geoff Burling.

Ka Band and Ku Band Portable, Battery Powered Loop Test Translators

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