Equipment & Components for the Satcom & Microwave/RF Industries

Miniature Signal Generator
ASG Series

  • 25 - 6000MHz
  • Full Range Tuning
  • Frequency & Level Control
  • USB
  • Also with RS232
  • External or Internal (+/-1ppm) Reference
  • Non-Volatile Memory
  • RoHS Compliant

Supplied with:

  • Control Software
  • USB to Mini USB Cable
  • DC Input Connector

 RF Performance
 Frequency Range 25 - 3000MHz – USB Control Interface - Model ASG-3000-U
25 - 6000MHz – USB Control Interface - Model ASG-6000-U
 Frequency Step Size 1Hz
 Output Maximum Amplitude +13dBm, <3GHz; +10dBM, 3-6GHz
 Output Range +13dBm to -27dBm, 0.1dB Steps (output level set in dBm)
 Internal Reference 40MHz, +/-1ppm over temperature, +/-1ppm per year
 Phase Noise Maximum Frequency
25 - 250MHz
250 - 1000MHz
1000 - 3000MHz
3000 - 6000MHz
1KHz Offset
10KHz Offset
100KHz Offset
 Spurious Maximum: < -50dBc, Typical: < -70dBc
 Harmonics Typical: -25dBc, Maximum: -20dBc
 Lock Time Standby mode On (synthesiser on, max attenuation, amplifiers off): <10mS
Standby mode Off (synthesiser off): <50mS
 RF Output connector SMA Female
 Reference Connector SMA Female
Software controlled input/output
40MHz Output
10-50MHz input (software programmable frequency)
 Power Input 3.5mm OD x 1.35mm ID coaxial power jack
6-30VDC In, Target: <250mA at 9V, Maximum: 300mA at 9V
Centre Positive
 Power Selection Automatic Switching
• Coaxial Power jack selected by default
• Allows USB interface connection to unpowered hub with coaxial power input
• USB power used when coaxial power not present
 Control Electrical Interface USB
• Virtual COM port
• 9-pin male D-sub connector
• 9.6 (default), 19.2, 38.4, 57.6, 115.2 kbps, software selectable
 Control Interface Selection Automatic Switching
USB interface selected when connected (senses 5V power)
RS232 interface selected when USB not connected
 Output Modes Continuous
On/Off via external trigger
 External Trigger Pin 4 of RS232 connector
USB interface selected:
• 0-3.3V logic levels
RS232 interface selected:
• RS232 +/- levels, can be controlled through software DTR control
 Status Indicators Power
Synthesiser Lock
RF Output
Reference Out
 Control Data Interface ASCII text
 PC User Interfaces Third-part terminal application (e.g. HyperTerm)
• ASCII commands
PC application (windows XP, Win 7)
• Adjust frequency and output level
• Set power-on defaults
• Sweep
• Control multiple units
• Identify connected units
 Internal Memory Non-volatile, automatically stores most recent settings

 Operating Temperature -20 to +50C
 Storage Temperature -40 to +85C
 Dimensions 21mm x 72mm x 100mm
 Weight <300g
 Material Aluminium extrusion
Aluminium endplates with black legend
Rubber Feet

• ASG Mounting Bracket Pair
Supplied fitted to the unit e.g. use order code: ASG-3000-U-MB
To order brackets separately use order code: ASG-MB

We reserve the right to change standard product specifications without notice but will be pleased to consider control drawings for quotation.

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