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Phase Locked Oscillators
With Translator
5MHz or 10MHz External Reference APL-05 Series

  • 3.4 GHz to 14 GHz
  • Fundamental Frequency (DRO)
  • External Reference
  • Small Size
  • Low Phase Noise
  • Low Microphonics
  • Low Current
  • Custom Design

 General Specifications (also see options)
 Output Frequency 3.4 GHz to 14.0 GHz
 Reference Frequency 5 MHz or 10 MHz
 Frequency Stability Reference dependent
 Output Power +13dBm min. (see options)
 Output Power Stability +/-2dB max
 Harmonics -20dBc max.
 Ref. Related Spurious -70dBc max.
 Other Spurious -80dBc max.
 Load VSWR 2.5:1 max.
 Input Voltage +11 to 16V d.c. (see options)
 Input Current 400mA max. (for +13dBm)
Operating Temperature 0+50C standard (see options)
 Storage Temperature -40+85C
 Lock Alarm TTL high for locked
 RF Output Connector SMA female
 Ref. Monitor Connector SMA female

The APL-05 series of fundamental frequency phase locked oscillators utilise dielectric resonators (DRO) to 14 GHz in dual phase locked loops for use with an external 5 MHz or 10 MHz reference. Circuit design uses GaAs FET active devices. The output contains a buffer amplifier for improved ruggedness, higher output power and a wider range of load VSWR. External tuning screw is for factory set up only.

Phase Noise (dBc/Hz) (typical and based on 50MHz internal crystal)
Offset Frequency (Hz) Output Frequency (GHz)
3.0 4.0 10.0 14.0
100 Reference Dependent - See Notes
1K -100 -95 -90 -85
10K -115 -110 -100 -95
100K -115 -115 -110 -105
1M -135 -135 -120 -115

Reference Frequency Notes:
Reference level required 0+/-3dBm
At offset frequencies up to 100Hz, the output phase noise is degraded from that of the reference oscillator by approximately 20logN+6dB, where N is the ratio of the output to the reference frequency.

00 - Standard
Operating Temperature
01 - -10+60C
02 - -20+70C
03 - -40+85C
Output Power
11 - +16dBm min. up to 10.0 GHz
12 - +20dBm min. up to 6.0 GHz
D.C. Supply
21 - Input Voltage +12V d.c.
22- Regulated +11 to +16V d.c.
23 - +28V d.c.

Custom Options:

  • Higher Output Frequency to 30 GHz (multiplied)
  • Higher Output Power to +30dBm (amplified)
  • Lower Harmonics (filtered)
  • Lock Alarm - Open Collector
  • Custom Sizes
  • Instrument or Rack Mount Housing with Power Supply

Model Numbers:
APL-05-13.050-10-00 13.05 GHz PLO with standard specifications and 10 MHz ref.
APL-03-3.750-5-02-11-23 3.75 GHz PLO with 5 MHz ref., -20+70C, +16dBm and +28V.

All dimensions are inches (mm)

We reserve the right to change standard product specifications without notice but will be pleased to consider control drawings for quotation.

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