Equipment & Components for the Satcom & Microwave/RF Industries

Stabilised Oscillators

Model: ASO-02000

 General Specifications
 Frequency 2.0GHz
 Output Power @ +25ºC +5dBm min., +10dBm max.
 Output Power Variation with Temp. +/-2dB max. over -54 to +85ºC
 Output Power @ any Temp +5dBm min.
 Frequency Accuracy +/-10KHz @ +25ºC
 Temperature Stability

+/-10ppm/ ºC

 D.C. Supply +12V @ 150mA
 Harmonics -20dBc max.
 Spurious -80dBC max.
 Operating Temperature -54 to +85ºC
 Dimensions 1.80 x 1.00 x 0.396 inches

Dimensions are in inches

We reserve the right to change standard product specifications without notice but will be pleased to consider control drawings for quotation.

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