Equipment & Components for the Satcom & Microwave/RF Industries

Ka Band - Satellite Simulator

  • Cable-less RF Test Solution
  • Dual Polarity
  • Ka Band (Ku and DBS available)
  • Totally Portable
  • Battery Powered
  • Self Contained Operation

The LSS series of Satellite Simulators enable RF testing of mobile satellite communications systems without the need for cabling and with true portability for optimum equipment location.

These simulators are fitted with dual polarised horn antennas in both the uplink and downlink bands and for each frequency conversion there is a separate attenuator providing adjustment of signal levels to accommodate receiver sensitivity and range distance.

Power is provided by a 12V, 14AH internal battery for 24 hour operation and each instrument is supplied with an external charger, although there is also the option for an internal charger for direct 100-240V 50/60Hz input. Self contained operation is completed with the internal high stability 10MHz OCXO reference.

The product described is for Ka band operation and similar units are available for Ku and DBS bands.

-00 Standard
-01 Synthesised LO 8.8-10.95GHz with LCD Readout
     (25MHz frequency steps)
-02 Digital Attenuators with LCD Readout
     (0.25dB attenuation steps)
-03 Internal Battery Charger 100-240V, 50/60Hz input


 General Specifications
 Operating Band Ka
 Polarisation LH & RH Circular
 Internal Conversion Gain -35dB nom.
 Uplink Antenna Gain 15dB nom.
 Downlink Antenna Gain 15dB nom.
 Attenuation Range 0-30dB
 Attenuation Steps Continuously variable
 Attenuation Control 10 turn dial, manual
 Internal Reference 10MHz
 Temperature Stability 0.002PPM over 0+40C
 Aging 0.03PPM/year
 Signal Related Spurious -25dBc typ.
 LO Related Spurious & Harmonics -30dBm typ.
 (referred to antenna coax input)  
 Non Signal or LO Related Spurious -60dBc min.
 Front Panel On/off switch
  Dual Attenuation Controls
  Battery Charge Connector
  LO Lock Status LED
 Rear Panel Uplink and Downlink Antennas
 Internal Battery 12V, 14AH
 Recharging Connector 3 Pin XLR
 Size 260 x 150 x 420mm
 Housing Style Instrument with Tilt Handle

LO Phase Noise (dBc/Hz) typical
Offset Frequency (Hz) LO Frequency (GHz)
9.80 10.30
100 -56 -56
1K -90 -90
10K -100 -100
100K -110 -110
1M -120 -120

Model No Translation
Frequency Range
Frequency Range
Frequency in Range
LSS-9800-Ka Ka 27.5-31.0 17.7-21.2 9.80
LSS-10300-Ka Ka 28.0-31.5 17.7-21.2 10.30

We reserve the right to change standard product specifications without notice but will be pleased to consider control drawings for quotation.

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